Hard Drive Shredding in Rockville, MD

Hard Drive Shredding in Rockville, MD

Shred Ace provides NAID AAA Certified mobile hard drive shredding to businesses and organizations in Rockville, MD. Watch your hard drives being shredded on our truck, at your location in Rockville, and eliminate any guesswork.

Hard Drive Shredding done at your location in Rockville, MD

When it comes to hard drive shredding, you should accept nothing less than watching the shredding as it occurs, at your location. Once we finish shredding your hard drives, you can see the pile of small metal shards for your own peace of mind. We don’t wipe the disk or punch a whole in it, we completely destroy the hard drive so that there is nothing left to chance.

Shred Ace also offers barcode scanning for those customers that require an auditable inventory of hard drives that have been destroyed.

Call or email for a free hard drive shredding quote in Rockville

We are happy to discuss your specific hard drive shredding needs at any time. We offer volume discounts for larger projects, and our pricing is always straightforward and competitive. All we need to know is: where in Rockville you are located, how many drives you have to be shredded, and whether or not your require barcode scanning of serial numbers. With that information we can send you a quote immediately, and set up a hard drive shredding appointment for your Rockville location within days.

Rockville Hard Drive Shredding


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To speak with a member of our staff about our document shredding services, contact Shred Ace online or by phone at 1-87-SHRED101 (1-877-473-3101).

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