Certified Hard Drive Destruction in Washington D.C.

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A security breach can cost a business millions of dollars in fees and lost revenue. Hiring a mobile hard drive shredding company can help minimize this loss and prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

Particularly in an area such as Washington D.C., where there are countless government organizations and businesses that deal with confidential information, ensuring that this information is safeguarded at all times is extremely important.

At Shred Ace, we are certified experts in the area of hard drive destruction. We offer our hard drive destruction services in Washington D.C. as well as the surrounding metro areas. We always have your security in mind, and to that end, we provide an umbrella of shredding services to meet your need to safely, securely dispose of outdated or unwanted hard drive information.

Why Shred Your Computer’s Hard Drive?

100% Destruction Guaranteed – Shred Ace is AAA NAID Certified, which demonstrates our dedication towards ensuring that all of your confidential information is completely destroyed in a safe, secure, and efficient manner.

Certificate of Destruction – Shred Ace technicians will always provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, which is a written record of the documents or items that you shredded.

As a Preventive Measure – According to the Ponemon Institute [https://www4.symantec.com/mktginfo/whitepaper/053013_GL_NA_WP_Ponemon-2013-Cost-of-a-Data-Breach-Report_daiNA_cta72382.pdf], malicious/criminal attacks are most often the cause of data breaches globally. In fact, the study reveals that at least 35% of these attacks are the result of human error.

By hiring a professional mobile hard drive shredding company, businesses can reduce the number of data breaches, simply by knowing that their information is being properly disposed of by a company that is trusted and certified in the area of hard drive destruction.

Mobile Hard Drive Destruction Services

Often, people will “wipe” their hard drive, or worse – simply delete information, thinking that it will prevent others from accessing data that was once on their computers. This is not the case! The only way to properly ensure that the information on your hard drive is securely destroyed is to hire seasoned professionals, like Shred Ace.

At Shred Ace, our trained and certified team of shredding specialists will travel to you with our mobile shredding vehicles. Each of our mobile shredding vehicles is equipped with destruction equipment and other security controls to help ensure the safety and confidentiality.

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    Everything about working with the Shred Ace team has been easy! I work for a local business and was tasked with finding a … More company to handle our shredding needs. From the first call to them a few years ago through our pick-up last week, their team has been easy to work with, helpful, and patient with our company needs. I can't recommend them highly enough.
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    We're a small/medium sized law firm so our shredding needs vary depending on case load. Shred Ace has been a great company … More to work with and has great customer service. In the case that our bin gets full before next shredding, I've never had a problem getting someone to stop by within a reasonable amount of time to empty out for us. Shred Ace has been very compatible to our varying shredding needs and working with them on quote for other projects has been a breeze.

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