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Don’t take our word for it . . . we get emails every day from customers that appreciate our high level of security and service. Please read below to see the latest comments (we have removed all company names):

Hi Amy,

Thank you!! Your team is great!

Unfortunately, I did not get the names of the two gentleman who came out to do our shredding yesterday, but I want to let you know they both were super friendly. It was cool to see the truck in action and the screen to watch the paper shred.

This entire process was very easy. Thanks to your entire team.

Iris H.

(Rockville, MD)


Dear Matt,

You and your team are amazing – I was in customer service/hospitality industry for more than 40 years and my experience with your organization and team really set a bar!  Elliott is golden……………………

Donica L.

(Washington, DC)


Thanks so much, Amy…you guys were on-time, professional and expedient…in other words, great! We’ll use you again and will also recommend you to our clients.

Curtis E.

(Reston, VA)


As you know your guy was here and picked up the bin.  It has been an excellent experience do business with you. You’ve been more than accommodating.

Jeannie K.

(Silver Spring, MD)


I just want to say that the service was great today, and thanks again for scanning the serial number of each hard drive per my request.  Your team was great from start to finish and I will definitely give you a call when we accumulate another batch of hard drives for shredding.

Scott P.

(Washington, DC)


Hi Matt,

Everything was great. The customer service I received on the phone was excellent and the driver was very nice. Great service!

Thank you,

Tom G.

(Silver Spring, MD)


Thank you so much for your prompt and professional services. We will definitely use you in the future.

Natasha P.

(Largo, MD)


Shred Ace to the rescue!  Again!! Sorry for the short notice, nobody here can ever seem to get their act together ahead of time. We really appreciate your prompt service, Matt, and I want you to know that Elliot was super-friendly and professional. Thanks again!

Eva C.

(Washington, DC)



That was great, thanks so much for the shred. I will let my neighbors know about your company.


John R.

(Potomac, MC)

Jose did a really good job.  Thanks again for your professional and friendly service.

Jo Ann T.

(Fairfax, VA)


What a fabulous service. Your employee Elliot was absolutely charming and helpful. Your truck is so sophisticated.  I thought it would be a guy in the truck slowly pouring in docs into a hopper like the old days. I pictured that I would be handing the boxes up to him one by one.

But no — Shred Ace has a really efficient and ergonomic and private system of transferring personal documents into oblivion. That heavy duty trash bin you use is about 3 times the size of a normal residential can — and you offer customers to fill 2 of them for such a reasonable price!

It was great fun to watch with satisfaction as the bin gets quickly filled with contents from my boxes by Ellie and then slides onto the lift elevator that comes out beside the truck. The bin rises, it tilts, it pours briskly into a hopper deep in the belly of the truck while Ellie and I stand by and watch the cute video of what is happening inside. I had taken care to remove all clips and rubber bands but it was nice to know that they would not choke the monster truck’s ability to chomp and digest all the papers.

I think the whole operation took about 5 minutes for a dozen white boxes full of old family papers, business, client, health and tax receipts, credit card junk mail, and personal records. It is also reassuring to note that your company issues a Certificate of Destruction where the customer can list the categories of documents shredded.  This is useful if there is a tiniest chance of a future implication with a tax or a legal issue with a business.

I wish you had a video of this process on YouTube with a link on your web site so people can see how private and swift the process really is.

I will absolutely describe this process to all my organizing clients who are hanging onto their bags of shredding waiting for when they will shred it themselves (and unfortunately those home machines can only go for 10-15 minutes at a stretch without their motors overheating…). I would recommend Shred Ace even if folks only have a couple of boxes  — because the time and effort saved are soooo worth what it costs to have Shred Ace come work its magic.”

Jill Lawrence, CPO-CD

(Washington, DC)


Thank you for your great service!

Sheila M.

(Waldorf, MD)



I just wanted to quickly write to let you know what an excellent job Jose did and what a pleasure he was to work with. I have submitted your invoice to our accounting department for payment. Because today went so smoothly, I wanted to reach out to you to see what it would cost to have you come our once every two weeks or maybe once a month moving forward. Please let me know if you could provide an estimate for that service.


Curt S.

(Washington, DC)

Matt, thank you.  I will put a check in the mail this afternoon.  I was very pleased with the service.

Jim P.

(Fairfax, VA)


Hello and thanks for the service today, glad we picked a warmer day! Elliot was very courteous and professional as always, our staff (at the Capitol) always enjoys working with him.  Thanks again!

Marcea A.

(Washington, DC)


Dear Matt, thanks for the service, Elliott was great. My colleagues and I will spread the word.

Angela G.

(Washington, DC)

Yours was the first company who shredded all the drawers we asked and did not leave a drawer begging.  Thank you to the driver who was professional, courteous and very efficient.  This was a first rate experience and I will be sure to repeat it the next time I have a major shredding need.

Barbara B.

(Silver Spring, MD)


Thanks again for the great service we really appreciate it, and when clients ask about shredding I have given them your company to call.

Deirdre M.

(Kensington, MD)


. . . I would also like to add that your driver was very courteous and professional, you certainly have a good company representative there.  All in all the service was great and I will be contacting you soon regarding our Rockville office.

Maya L.

(Bethesda, MD)

Dear Shred Ace, I just want to quickly express my satisfaction with your shredding service.  Our office has had nothing but good things to say about your program since last year when we started, and I just had one of my many pleasant conversations with your driver Dennis.  We appreciate your service and I would be happy to serve as a reference for you at any time (I would say nice things:)).

June R.

(Washington, DC)

Thanks, I have forwarded your invoice onto accounts payable for payment.  I want you to know that the whole experience working with Shred Ace has been the best up to including working with Elliott on Saturday.  You are so lucky to have him as your employee.  You are certainly on my list for when we do this again.

Thanks again, Carolyn

(Arlington, VA)

Dear Shred Ace,

The service was great – very efficient. I will definitely use you all again if I end up with such a volume and will recommend you to others including my realtor.

Thank you very much.

Rebecca S.

(Washington, DC)


Hey Shred Ace!

Our company has been so pleased with your service over this arduous moving process – 3 months later and we’re done!  You have been great to work with every step of the way and I wanted to write and express our sincere gratitude for your high level of service and friendliness.  We will be in touch at the new office as soon as we get settled.  Thanks again!

Jessica W.

(Reston, VA)



Thank you so much for your service today.  It was fast and professional – everyone in our office was very pleased.  I will call in the future.

Thank you again.

Heather M.

(Washington, DC)


Eric and Matt,

Thank you for providing the services yesterday. The gentleman who showed up was very professional and courteous. I would gladly refer your business to others and I look forward to calling you again in the near future.

Thank you again,

Ken Rose, Broker

(Rockville, Maryland)


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  • Avatar Anita Crockett ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Professional, courteous service. The Shred Ace representatives showed up on time and made shredding our documents easy; they … More removed items from binders and sifted through items that were not able to be shredded. We really appreciated their service.
  • Avatar Martha Artemis Rogers (FULL MOON) ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Shred Ace was very easy to work with. And the person who came to pick up the files couldn't have been nicer. He was … More a kind, warm and very grounded guy. I will definitely use them again for my business.
  • Avatar Alan Cohen ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Shred Ace was on time, loaded bins quickly. Very professional and courteous.

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