Shred Ace High Security Shredding – When Shred Size Matters

High Security Shredding with Smaller Shred Size

Shred Ace is one of only several shredding companies in the country to operate shredding trucks capable of shredding down to a shred size smaller than the industry standard 5/8 of an inch, creating a smaller shred size and superior level of security for customers that require the smallest shred size possible in a mobile application.

Exceeding Industry Shredding Standards 

Most shredding trucks on the market shred to 5/8 of an inch, the shred size required by NAID AAA Certification standards. In Washington, DC and the surrounding area, however, many government and Department of Defense facilities are requiring a smaller “high security” shred. Shred Ace invested in a high security shredding truck to meet these requirements.

If Shred Size Matters, Shred Ace is the Solution

Our high security shredder actually runs documents through two shredders, achieving the significantly smaller shred size. Because the process is so deliberate, the shredding takes a bit longer to complete. As a result, high security shredding is typically a bit more expensive than a standard on-site shredding service… it is important to keep that in mind when weighing which shred size is acceptable for your organization.

High Security Shredding


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