On-Site Solid State Drive Shredding (SSD Shredding) Services in Greater DC

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Solid State Drives (SSDs) are here to stay, becoming the standard for modern computing due to their superior speed and storage capabilities. Sometimes referred to as flash drives, SSDs almost always contain sensitive data that requires a secure disposal solution, and physical destruction is the most effective way to safeguard information stored on an SSD. In and around Washington, DC, there is no more secure solution than Shred Ace’s on-site SSD shredding service.

NAID AAA Certified SSD shredding done on-site

Shred Ace is NAID AAA Certified for on-site SSD shredding, the highest security benchmark in our industry. With our on-site SSD shredding service, we eliminate any guesswork by just shredding the SSDs on our truck, at your location, and allowing you to see the shredded SSDs once completed. We also offer barcode scanning of serial numbers so you can have an auditable list of SSDs destroyed. No need to worry about what’s happened with your SSDs once leaving your facility – they’ve already been shredded!

Physical destruction is the most effective way to safeguard your confidential information stored on SSDs, and Shred Ace’s on-site SSD shredding service is the premier mobile SSD shredding service in the marketplace.

On-Site SSD Shredding with Straightforward Pricing

As with all of our shredding services, the SSD on-site shredding service makes things simple for your operation. We simply price on a per-unit basis, with volume discounts built in for larger projects. You’ll know exactly what your SSD shredding project will cost before we get started, so there will be no surprises. Just call or email and we can discuss the details of your SSD shredding project and provide you with a free price quote immediately. We answer our phones and respond to emails immediately, so you’ll have your answer in no time.

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