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In this day and age of digital technology, identity theft and occupational continue to cause expensive headaches for businesses and individuals. From 2010 to 2015, the FBI reports that identity theft-related crimes nearly doubled [source].

Businesses, especially, are hard targets for identity theft as they are often in the possession documents containing personal information related to employees, business dealings and more. By knowing when to hold onto information versus knowing when to use a shredding service, you can avoid having critical, often sensitive information fall into the wrong hands.

Protecting Your Alexandria, VA Business From Identity Theft

Whether you’ve just opened up a new business in the Arlington area or are a seasoned Arlington business owner, protecting your investment begins with hiring a reputable paper shredding service. Why? Consider the risky alternative  of exposing your business to potential information security breaches. If a piece of critical business information were to be leaked or stolen, would your business be able to survive and thrive? And at what cost?

Both small and large businesses need to take the necessary precautions to secure their confidential information and minimize potential security breaches. Not only does a reputable shredding service offer your business additional privacy protection; it can offer you peace of mind in knowing that your information is safe.

Scheduling Shredding Services for Annandale, VA Businesses

Just because of its location and proximity to the Greater Washington D.C. area, this doesn’t mean that Annandale businesses are immune to the reach of identity thieves. The following are just some brief examples of how thieves target businesses in the Annandale area and beyond:

  • Fraudulent business registrations and filings
  • Cyber crime
  • Business owner identity theft
  • Business record manipulation

Securely shredding any unnecessary documents that contain your business’ information will help protect your business information, including information related to employees and recent transactions.

At Shred Ace, we offer our convenient mobile paper shredding service in a professional and courteous manner. Whatever your document shredding needs, you can be sure that we’ll deliver!


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