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Business owners and other professionals handle many documents daily. Furthermore, these documents often contain sensitive information. Because of that, it’s vital that they don’t just get thrown in the trash. Instead, they need to be properly and securely disposed of, which means relying on professional paper shredding services in Fairfax, VA. Fortunately, Shred Ace can help. We offer safe, secure NAID AAA certified document destruction for individuals and organizations of all sizes and types.

Save Space

If you’re not throwing away documents, then you’re probably storing them. When your office is small, this can quickly grow into a big problem. After all, no professional wants or needs stacks of paper or filing cabinets taking up space. We specialize in reliable Fairfax, VA paper shredding services that can get rid of the clutter and promote productivity.

Whether you need a one-time document purge or ongoing paper shredding services, we can dispose of the materials you no longer need. What’s more is that we can even shred on-site for your peace of mind.

Reduce Risk

When you’re left in control of sensitive customer data, it’s your job to protect it at all costs. If you don’t, your customers’ information may be at risk, which could lead to identity theft, fraud, and other issues. Furthermore, leaked data from your organization can pose a liability risk. Thankfully, our certified paper shredding services can securely dispose of sensitive information, giving you, your customers, and your entire business greater protection.

Ensure Efficiency

Professional document shredding saves time. Having personal shredders on-site might seem like a smart idea. However, having to prepare and manually shred documents yourself, often a few pages at a time, is a time-consuming process. Plus, the longer you go without shredding, the more vulnerable information is.

We can provide secure lock boxes for your documents and visit your location to shred a huge amount of documents quickly.  That way your papers and the information they contain can stay safe. The whole shredding process is easier, freeing you up to devote more time to your organization and its success.

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At Shred Ace, we are proud to offer the shredding solutions your Fairfax, VA business has been searching for. To learn more or to get a free quote, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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  • Avatar Anita Crockett ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Professional, courteous service. The Shred Ace representatives showed up on time and made shredding our documents easy; they … More removed items from binders and sifted through items that were not able to be shredded. We really appreciated their service.
  • Avatar Martha Artemis Rogers (FULL MOON) ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Shred Ace was very easy to work with. And the person who came to pick up the files couldn't have been nicer. He was … More a kind, warm and very grounded guy. I will definitely use them again for my business.
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    Shred Ace was on time, loaded bins quickly. Very professional and courteous.

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