Business Document Destruction in Gaithersburg, MD

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Regardless of the size and nature of your business, you surely handle all kinds of private information daily: From payroll data to employee contracts and more, while most business owners wouldn’t dare to leave such files unsecure, they often underestimate the risks of improper disposal. 

From leakage of information to identity theft, there are all sorts of liabilities a company and its employees could be exposed to when failing to destroy their documents properly. 

At Shred Ace, we aim to protect our customers by providing them with secure, NAID AAA certified business document destruction in Gaithersburg, MD. 

Secure Business Document Destruction That Comes To You

Working under the standards provided by the National Association of Information Destruction, Shred Ace offers unique, onsite mobile shredding services for those in need of business document destruction in Gaithersburg, MD. 

With our services, companies are provided with a set of secure, locked containers to hold all of their material ready to be disposed of. Once these are full, uniformed members of our team come pick up the containers and take them straight to our mobile shredding trucks parked right outside the office, where everyone can witness the destruction process as it happens!

Once this is done, the company is left with a Certificate of Destruction, and the destroyed materials are taken to a local recycling facility. 

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