Bulk Shredding Services in Vienna, VA

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Companies of all verticals handle tons of important information daily, which accumulates in the form of paper documents that occupy valuable office space. When it’s time to dispose of said documents, a simple office shredder won’t be efficient enough. This is why the need to outsource to a professional document destruction agency arises. 

At Shred Ace, we provide bulk shredding services to Vienna, VA businesses, handling their document destruction needs in a cost-effective and security-focused manner. We not only help our clients save time and money, but we also protect their privacy at all times. 

Bulk Shredding Services You Can Rely On

When hiring our bulk shredding services in Vienna, VA, you can rely on an effective service that keeps your documents in a closed chain of custody at all times. We work under the protocols designed by the National Association of Information Destruction. This means that we guarantee protection from liabilities, such as identity theft, leakage of information, or digital fraud. 

As part of our commitment to security, we have developed a unique mobile on-site shredding process. We provide your offices with a set of secure, locked containers in which to store all the material to be destroyed. These containers are then picked up by uniformed members of our team, who will take them straight to our shredding trucks parked right outside your office. You’ll be able to witness the process as it happens for additional assurance.

Once destruction is complete, all material is taken to a local recycling facility, and you are left with a Certificate of Destruction. 

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Also, don’t forget to inquire about all the other services we can provide for your company. From computer hard drive destruction to junk removal and electronics recycling, you’ll find that Shred Ace operates with myriad options designed to meet your commercial needs. 

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