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Businesses handle large amounts of sensitive information and paperwork daily containing sensitive data regarding employees, partners, and business transactions. Therefore, any responsible business would do whatever it could to prevent this confidential information from leaking, as not doing so could lead to dire consequences.

That’s why nothing should be left to chance and businesses should take all of the necessary steps to protect sensitive information during disposal. While they may be tempted to take care of all disposal in-house, this can prove to be a great waste of time and resources, not to mention not very effective in the first place. Fortunately, Shred Ace offers bulk shredding services in Bethesda, MD that are truly secure. 

Why You Should Trust The Professionals

When hiring Shred Ace’s bulk shredding services in Bethesda, MD, you’re not only saving time and resources, but also keeping the security of your information as the number one priority. 

As a National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) certified company, Shred Ace’s working protocols are held to the highest security standards, to guarantee our customers that their private data is kept secure at all times. 

By offering services such as our mobile on-site shredding which allows our customers to witness the entire destruction process, we make sure that nothing is left to chance. We also dispose of all destroyed materials in an environmentally friendly manner by taking them to local recycling facilities.

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Our attention to detail and laser focus on security makes us one of the top shredding agencies in the District area. When in need of bulk shredding services in Bethesda, VA, there’s no reason to look any further than Shred Ace. 

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