Questions About Your Bulk Shredding Project

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We understand that no two bulk shredding projects are alike, so we have listed the following items below to help address any questions you may have regarding your one-time shredding project:

What Can and Cannot Be Shredded

Customers are often surprised to find out exactly how powerful our shredding units are, but, there is a much more important consideration when determining what can and cannot be shredded: recycling. Because we recycle 100% of the material we shred, we have to avoid contamination of  the shredded paper for the recycling process. In an ideal world, we would shred paper and paper only. But given the way that documents are filed/organized/stored, this is not realistic. In order to provide the most efficient and convenient shredding service to our customers, Shred Ace has worked with our recycling partners to allow for certain levels of non-paper items. To that end, we have certain tolerances for smaller, less substantial items such as staples and paper clips, but items such as 3-ring binders and x-rays cannot be shredded along with paper. It is often a fine line between the two camps, so please refer to the list below as a reference:

Can Be Shredded


Paper Clips

Rubber Bands

Binder Clips (seriously!)


Manila File Folders

Hanging Field Folders

NCR Forms

Cannot Be Shredded

3-ring binders

Magazines (Glossy Paper)




Trash or Food Items


CDs, Disks, Tapes, other plastic/metal media

*It might seem strange that magazines and newspapers are on the “cannot” list, but those items are constructed of a different type of paper fiber that must be recycled separately.

If You Have CDs, Disks, or Tapes

Because Shred Ace prides itself in being a one-stop information security solution, we do offer an off-site solution for the destruction of CDs, disks and tapes. When you call or email to schedule a bulk shredding appointment, just mention your plastic media and we will be happy to describe how the process and pricing works. And of course, if you require on-site shredding of hard drives or media, learn about our NAID AAA Certified process here.


Need a Quote?

To speak with a member of our staff about our document shredding services, contact Shred Ace online or by phone at 1-87-SHRED101 (1-877-473-3101).

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    Another top notch experience with Shred Ace. Excellent, well coordinated service and very responsive.
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    Everything about working with the Shred Ace team has been easy! I work for a local business and was tasked with finding a … More company to handle our shredding needs. From the first call to them a few years ago through our pick-up last week, their team has been easy to work with, helpful, and patient with our company needs. I can't recommend them highly enough.
  • Avatar Robert Leonard ★★★★★ 8 years ago
    We're a small/medium sized law firm so our shredding needs vary depending on case load. Shred Ace has been a great company … More to work with and has great customer service. In the case that our bin gets full before next shredding, I've never had a problem getting someone to stop by within a reasonable amount of time to empty out for us. Shred Ace has been very compatible to our varying shredding needs and working with them on quote for other projects has been a breeze.

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